6 Good ways of save power and Go Green at Office

Image source:http://office1life.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/green-keyboard.jpg

Every individual has responsibility to save power. All professional spent approximately 1/3 of their life in office so it is a good place to save power and implement green initiative.

In this post I will share with my experience 10 good ways to save Power and Paper.

  1. Use plastic coffee mug – Use plastic coffee mugs instead of paper mug.Most companies already following it, but in case your company do not follow then it is your responsibility to implement it.It is one time investment and can save a lot of paper.
  2.  Use printed paper as notebook – So often we take print and then throw them, Instead of that we can use blank side of that paper as notebook.we can combine 8-10 papers of such papers and create a small notebook.
  3. Switch off PC monitor – Its so common that people leave their PC lock and leave monitor On.The best solution is to keep a screensaver which switch off monitor if PC is idle for more than 5 mins.
  4. Use natural light during daytime – Always remove curtain in office at day and use natural sunlight.In case artificial light required, use it judiciously.
  5. Reward Employee – Reward employee who suggest new ideas to save power and energy.Spread awareness about it.
  6. Follow above rules – Make it ais a habit to follow above rules and help other to follow it!

Lets make our office a better place to work and contribute our bit for society.