6 Easy Tips on How to Appreciate your Readers

Rewarding your blog readers is another important part of blogging. It is a great way of keeping your loyal readers and attract new readers. I am going to discuss some great tips to reward readers so that they always stick with your blog.

Use recent comment widget plugin – 

One of the best ways to recognize readers is to mention top commenters on your blog pages all the time. You can use recent comment plugin or sidebar widget. You can add it and show your recent commenters.

Here is an example from my post. I use Decent comments plugin.

recent comment sidebar

This will not only encourage readers to comment but also show they you appreciates your readers and there is a place for them in your blog.

Mention Top commenters in your post and social media: 

Mention top and most commenters in your blog post, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. Let the world know that you care for your readers and commenters.

Top Commenter

Here is one of the blog post I have recently started to let everyone know what is happening around my blogging network.You can mention top commenters in the post and it will encourage other readers to actively participate in your blog.

Currents Events happened in my Blogging Network

Giveaway and Rewards-

Consider giving rewards and prizes to top commenters. It can be a free Ebook, some gadgets, mp3 players etc. You can offer a random winner or readers who actively and participate more with your blog.

Reward readers

If you have created some tool, themes or any such stuff, you can give it free of them as the token of appreciation.

This is one of the best ways to gather more visitors to your blog and also the mouth of word publicity. Here is a good post about how to create Ebook:

How to Create and Sell E-books [Infographic]

Share their post in your Blog –

I do it so often. Keep track of readers who comments and share your post regularly. And while writing a new post, please check if you share some of their post links. It will not only give relevance to your post but also create a better friendship with your readers.

Make sure to let them know that you have shared their post URL.

[Tweet “Learn how to reward your Blog reader”]

Offer them Guest posting –

All bloggers do not allow or invite for the guest post. They normally offer the guest post to selected people. If you see someone actively participating with your blogging community, it is a good time to offer them to write a guest post.

Invite guest post

It is a win-win situation for both. You will get a good article from trusted author and the author will get a juice passing link to their blog.

Thank Them Personally-

This is not an optional but  must thing. Every time someone comment or share your post, thanks them personally. Be it social media or on your post, reply to them as soon as possible.

Thank your readers

A reader will feel good when you personally reply to them. Make sure when someone actively comments or share your content, you thank him/her personally by email or using social media.

Send them a Surprise gift – 

Once you start earning a considerable amount, it is a good idea to randomly select readers from your blog monthly and reward them some goodies.


You can offer them a backpack, headphone mp3 player etc. It does not cost much but surely will increase readership.

Conclusion – 

Just like a quality content, appreciating and rewarding your loyal readers is very important. You need to make sure you get new readers but at the same time, your existing reader should stay.

The best way to do that is to Thank, appreciate and reward them. Create a personal touch with them to make sure they continue to follow you.

Remember whether you are a newbie or experienced blogger, you always need loyal readers and commenters. I hope these tips helped you to understand the importance of readers and how to reward them.

I would love to hear from you. How you reward and connect with your followers and readers? Please let me know what else to be added here.

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  • Hey Ravi,
    these are very good tips to reward your readers. I would use it for sure. Our blog readers are the most precious gift for us. WE should take care of them. soon I will offer a giveaway on my blog.


    • Thank you for your comment Alok. Yes, you are right , comments are dynamic but then it will not take much time to load. It is very negligible for your site loading.

  • It sounds good Ravi.
    I will use your idea.
    Hope this will help to increase my traffic.
    Thank you for this post , RAVI.

  • You are absolutely right ravi. I think there are various such plugins like top commentor plugin or Comment LUV plugin which will encourage people to put their feedback. Another wonderful way to reward readers is by declaring who has commented most for a particular month. Thanks for sharing this.

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