5 Things I do on Internet, other than shopping

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Most of the people use internet to shop items.It helps them to choose,compare and buy stuff cheaply and delivered right to their doorstep.I would like to mention in this post 5 things I do on Internet other than shopping.

  1. Googgling – I start my day with Google, do not know why but it seems I am addicted to it.Sometime to search for some topic else just to check If internet is working.
  2. Check news – NDTVIBNlive, Timesofindia are my favorite site to get daily and breaking news from all over world.I always want to remain updated with all news.TimesofIndia mobile app is very cool and keep me updated even on the move.
  3. Check review of latest Gadgets – I am very much interested in Gadgets, so I love to check reviews of new Gadgets , phones,tablets etc.Once Google is my friend here.
  4. Forums and online community – I am a very big fan of online community and internet marketing.My favorite sites are hubpages and digitalpoint forum.Hubpages lets me write articles and engage in online questions and forums.Digitalpoint forum is biggest forum in world to discuss online internet marketing topics.
  5. Online videos – Nowadays almost all important serials,reality shows and Sports available online.So in case I miss any episodes I watch it online on youtube.It also gives me cricket and IPL highlights.

Remember Internet is not just about shopping and social media.Its much more so widen your view and get ready to jump in deep into it.

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