5 Great Tools To Create Your Email Signature

An email signature is a very important part of any business or an individual. Whether you are a businessman, restaurant owner or website owner, you have to have an attractive email signature to promote your business and yourself. It is very much similar to visiting card you give to someone as an owner. Creating a good email signature for your email client is very important and crucial for your business. A bad or wrong signature can destroy your reputation or create problem to generate leads or potential customer. I am going to discuss some tools which help you to create online email signature easily and free.

But let’s first see the summary of why you need a good email signature?

  • Create a good reputation of your business
  • Help you to get new customers
  • Helps you to grow your business on social media
  • You can get new fans for your business
  • Easy to share contact details with your customer

Let’s see some of the tools to create Email signature:

Htmlsig- This is my favourite tool for creating a signature. It is easy and comes with all social media link. Htmlsig has a simple user interface, you just need to fill values and upload pictures and it will create the signature.It comes in both paid and free version. But the free version is enough for external mail client like Gmail, Yahoo Outlook etc. You can use this link to know how to use it for your email client.

Image: Htmlsig.com
Sample Signature – Image: Htmlsig.com


Wisestamp – It is a paid tool to create signatures. The biggest advantage is, it has a lot of customized template, colors and style to choose from.If you are ready to spend a little, you must try this. It subscription cost is $4/month.


Exclaimer Signature creator – This is a totally free Signature tool from Exclaimer. It provides you an option of a logo, banner and disclaimer. I recommend it to try. You can directly copy and paste in Gmail. It also sends you instruction how to install it for Outlook.



Newoldstamp – As you can see in below picture, how easy it is to create an email signature using this tool. On the left side, you have all the details and on the right side you can choose a template. It is very easy to use and free of cost. I use this tool to create my email signature.


Signature-maker – Very easy and free tool to create a signature. It has an option to create a handwritten tool which makes it real for your email readers.You must try this.


Emailsignaturerescue: This is the most professional looking tool for the signature. A huge number of template and design style makes it different. It is little costly and you need at least $48 annually to use it. For a professional business or if you are looking for more functionality, you must try it.


Conclusion: My intention through this post is to make you aware about the importance of email signature. By making your email signature professional and social media friendly, you will definitely attract more customer and make a positive impression.

Missing this small attention could impact your business. I hope these tools will make your life easier. Please do share your thought using the comments section.
Here is a video summary of the post: