5 Blogging Trends That Will Matter In 2018

There is a lot changing in Blogging from last few years. 2018 bring some new challenge as well as an opportunity for the blogger to rank and earn money. In this post, I will discuss the blogging trends which will matter in 2018 and how it affects you.


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Why Blogging Trends Matters To You

You need to know what is happening around, what matters and how blogging is changing. Ignoring that may result in lower ranking, less visitors and traffic and more important less or no revenue. Lets ee the latest trends in detail.

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1. Quality Content Matters

Quality content matter more than ever. Fix Now Media has amazing options to provide you with informative content. Google is now very strict on the content to rank. In 2018, they improved the logic for search engine and strictly focusing on content.

In content, word counts matters. If you see top content on any search topic in google, most of them are now 2000+ words. Anything less than that is difficult to rank. so when you start creating content, make sure you have enough to write.

Blogging Trends for 2018!

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More research on the topic is also necessary. You also need to prove your point with some facts. Longer content is also social media friendly and people find it easier to share. It is fine if you write less content but the quality is more important.

If you check top bloggers post like Neilpatel.com, you will find average word count is 1500+. What I want to say is you need to make sure you have a quality content as well as Word count.



Also, remember when you write long content, it helps you to prove your authority on the topic. another important benefit of long content is you can convert them into ebook or lead magnet and attract email subscribers.

Read this post by Neil Patel explaining Why long contents ranks better

Now the important question is who will create large content for you? You need a freelance writer to consistently produce the long content as you cannot be writing the post all the time.

That is where freelancer writer comes in the picture. Fiverr is a great place to hire writers for your blog post.

Have a look at packages of the freelance writer on Fiverr for one of the top writer. You can understand how popular it is.

Freelancer price-min

2. Create Your Own Audience

Working on SEO and creating backlink of your blog is a good idea, it will bring more traffic from search engine. But do not rely on the traffic from Google and other social media. Once they tweak their algorithm, you may start losing your audience. You need to create your audience.

That is where Email building list comes in the picture. Create lead magnet, the course of other material and get them in your subscriber list. In this way, no matter what happens with Google or other social media, they always stick with you and your traffic will remain same.

Select a correct Email service provider like Convertkit and create automatic email campaigsn like for your course or webinar.

Create your own product, course or marketing material and sell them or attract visitors using it.This is where blogging is moving in 2018 and onwards.

Gone are those days when contents mean only text. Now to make a content engaging, you need to get a good image and videos. This will not only make it interactive but Google ranks you better.

When I say image, it should look professional. You can use a tool like Canva, Venngage, and others to quickly create it. They have a lot of predefined templates. Infographics is also gaining a lot of popularity.

Good featured image example-min

Image – Optinmonster

Creating a video for your post really helps you to bring more traffic. Some people find it easy to view a video than to read texts. It helps you to summarize your post easily.

Article Video Robot is a nice tool to quickly convert your article in viral videos. Also, because of social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest; creating an image for your post is very important. It can decide the ranking of your page in 2018.

3. Blog Post Optimization

Bloggers are now spending a good amount of time in optimizing the content. They focus on SEO and building link within the post. You need to make sure all the relevant keywords are present in top part as well as header tag.

Fortunately, most of these tasks can be easily done by Yoast SEO WordPress plugin. It can save a lot of time to and link other posts within a post.

It is also very important to go back to your previous post and modify it. This is not an easy task when you have hundreds of articles, but it is required.


If one of your posts is rank better for some time, regularly go back to it and add content. It not only improve search engine ranking but makes it relevant to users. No one wants to read 5 years old post about SEO when things are changing every day.

In 2018, this is more important than ever as we have more competition among bloggers and everyone wants to rank better.

4. Blog Post Promotion

You spend so much time in writing the content, what if you do not find expected the audience to read it. Blog promotion is now all important part of blogging.

Promotion of a blog post also changed a lot in last years and it will continue. Bloggers are spending more time in promotion as they do in writing content.

There are many ways to promote your content and get eyeballs to your post.

  • checkSocial Media – It is a quick way to get more exposure for your post If you have a good number of followers. Social media scheduling changes the way you promote content. As it is now very easy to schedule and post content. You can quickly share the content on social media in one go. It is becoming a must tool for every blogger.
  • checkEmail Marketing – Newsletter is another great way to send your blog post update to your visitors. You can create a monthly newsletter easily with tools like Canva and send it to your email subscribers.
  • checkBlogger email Outreach – Another useful way to promote content, and it is gaining more popularity. It is a slow but strong method of promotion. You can ask other bloggers in your network to use your content in their post using email. You can also ask them to share it on their social media to gain more traffic. It is a kind of mutual promotion.
  • checkRepurpose Your Content – This will also make an impact in 2018. People repurpose or recreate their article and submit it to other article submission site. You can convert your articles to pdf and can use it as a lead magnet. Repurpose or short summary of the article can be posted on Medium, Growthhackers, Hubpages, and also sites like Slideshare to distribute as slides. This will attract more traffic to your blog quickly. 
  • checkAdvertisement – Promoting content using ads is also made it easy to get quick visitors. google, Facebook, Twitter, and many other platforms provide a range of ads to get more visitors to your content.

5. Outsourcing

Outsourcing is going to play a major role in 2018 and onwards. Task for a blogger is increasing every day, you can’t do everything. You have to outsource some work to make sure you stay in the competition.

This is even more important you work alone. Outsourcing is done by all major players, especially content-related companies like Theme developer, Plugin makers and many more.

Outsource your work-min

This opens many opportunities for freelance bloggers and content creators. In 2018, we will have more demand for freelance article writer as well image, and web designer.

Some of the task you may consider to outsource are:

  • checkArticle Writing
  • checkDesigning like logo, header image etc
  • checkSEO optimization
  • checkVideo Creation
  • checkSocial Media marketing

Over To You

Which of the above strategy you have the plan to change in 2018 for your blog? You can also make small changes in your current strategy to adapt to new trends for 2018.

Creating long and quality content may dramatically increase your ranking and traffic. Blogging world is changing very rapidly and to remain in the competition, you need to adapt the trends which matter in 2018.

Closely monitor what type of contents are getting more traffic and is in demand and then create contents around it. If you follow the trends, 2018 will be a great year for you!

I would love to hear from you about what trends you think will matter in 2018?

  • Hi Ravi,

    The biggest problem in mind of most of the blogger is that they are afraid of investing money. Without investment a business cannot grow.

    Even if you have content, do social sharing, SEO optimization but still if you are not investing to improve the design, coding, speed, and publications of the site or blog then you will have to face the similar competition every year.

    Your tips are helpful. Keep sharing.

  • Hi Ravi,
    Great post. I agree with what you said but I guess I’m still a bit of a control freak when it comes to what’s on my blog. I have to be the writer and I do have guest posts but I only have a couple of people that I know I don’t have to look at their work.

    Maybe as things progress, I will see that I do need to do some outsourcing.

    Thank you for your great post and valuable information.

    • Thank you for your comment Monna. As you grow as a blogger and have to do more things than just to write post like webinar, creating book etc; you have to outsource work.

  • Hi Ravi, amazing piece! Loved the points you have jotted down. Will surely help me blogging more from now. I read that you mentioned social media scheduling. Do you particularly use any tool for your social media scheduling?

  • Hiii ravi,
    The estimate of writing your blog post is very good. The simplest language you use when writing articles is appreciated. The information you give will prove to be of great value to me, I hope that. It is our wish that you continue to write great articles in such a future. Thanks for sharing this article. Thank you

  • Hi,
    Today every things change on instant.All criteria change day by day.Also blog writing. We want to up to date about it.Then we can make our space in blogging

    SEO refers to the method used to increase a website’s position on SERPs on sites such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Developing an SEO strategy for business can help draw consumer traffic to your website as well as grow your sales and revenue.So to create audience SEO is power full one.And make relationship,help,discuss all will increase traffic

    Thanks for sharing excellent round up.

  • Hiii Ravi,
    The estimate of writing your blog post is very good. The simplest language you use when writing articles is appreciated. The information you give will prove to be of great value to me, I hope that. It is our wish that you continue to write great articles in such a future. Thanks for sharing this article. Thank you

  • I agree with you Ravi, building own audience is necessary to stay in long run . we can always be dependent on traffic from Search engines and social media . building email lists is a must and of course providing value to your audience too.

  • Well explained Ravi, especially with the content length and creating a specific set of targeted audience for your blog. Competitiveness in blogging business is increasing day by day but at the very core of it content backed by strategic seo is still the king.

  • Hi,
    This must be the longest article to read but for somebody who is practicing , its worth it.
    I think you have just nailed it and to some of us

  • I have just started blogging and no wonder it was a worth tour to your blog . I get to know many things most importantly what to focus on . I wil try to post quality content that will be worth reading . Bookmarked it as outsourcing and others are going to help me later .

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  • This is an awesome topic, Ravi. I think content writing plays the most crucial role in Blogging in 2018. Gone are the days when SEO and other tricks can change things, but now a quality content with good social media exposure is the key to get success. Many thanks for sharing these 5 points.

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  • Dear Ravi Singh,

    I’m reading about blogging & adsense blogs very actively these days. Most of the blogs talk repetitively or curated from some other blogs, there is a limitation for learning curve because of the monotonous content. But in this blog you have uncovered many thing such as out sourcing and blog post promotion which are really useful. Thanks for the insightful articulation.

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