5 Best Parental Apps for Your Kids

Parenting is not an easy work in the present world. The digital world which is filled with social media, Violent video games and pornography videos. Kids can easily fall into the trap of digital media if  you will not take care of them. We have seen a lot of incidents happened to the kids, some of  them were fatal. It is applicable for Kids aged from 5 to teens.You can also read my other post related to How to monitor your kids activity on social media  Please see below some incident happened recently.


Now let’s see what can happen to kids if we do not control their digital world:

  • Kids will not sleep and wake up on time as they will continue to play games on tablet or phone
  • They will spend less time with family as most often it has been seen that kids want to play games when they should eat lunch or dinner together
  • Their exam may be affected because of tablet or phone games and activity
  • Giving them open internet is always a risk as you never know what they are doing
  • You do not know who their friends are on digital world
  • Cyberbullying by other kids
  • You never know what app your kid is installing

So as you can see the problem list is very long and you can’t ignore this for your kid. I am going to discuss some tool or apps which control the devices you give to your kids and lets you monitor their activity. It is very much essential for your kids present and future. I am sure after reading this post, you will be aware of the seriousness of this issue and will make sure you control the devices your give to your kids.

E-kavach – My personal favorite. Created in India and comes with a lot of features. It is available for IOS and Android. Some of the features includes:

  • Web filtering to block the inappropriate website, time control for the devices and safe search for your kids.
  • Control which apps are getting installed and get real-time notification
  • Monitor more than one child and customize the requirement based on preference and age
  • Get real-time dashboard notification on your Smartphone and PC
  • Social media, Cyberbullying and chat room protection coming soon

It is available free of cost presently. Please check out some videos for better parenting here. It is not available for windows phone yet.

Dinnertime App – This apps is free and very nice to control access and apps for your device. You can control Android devices like a smartphone or a tablet from this app. Some of the features include:

  • Set time limit for an app or device to control how much kid can use
  • Check real-time usage and history for last 15 days
  • Works even if device is offline
  • App blocking and customization freedom
  • Reporting feature for daily usage

You can manage maximum 2 kid’s devices with a free subscription, you need to pay a one-time payment of $3.99 to get it for 5 devices.

 Mobicip A perfect solution for your complete family. Though it is paid but comes with a lot of feature and supports a wide variety of devices like Android, IOS, and Windows. It’s free version just support browsers control.Let’s see some of its features:

  • From a single dashboard manages(App usage, web filtering, etc) all your kid’s devices, for ex- PC, laptop, tablet and phone
  • Receive alerts when any content is blocked or if someone request for override
  • Monitor apps on your kids device
  • Get real time update of browsing history
  • Set time limit for internet usage
  • Set customized internet filtering
  • Manage more than two devices for same profile

It’s price is $39.99 for a year.

  • Using IOS Restriction – IOS also provide an inbuilt restriction to control access to your apps. You can get all the steps here. This can be used for Iphone, Ipad or Mac PCs only.


 Net Sanity –  This a good app for IOS devices. IT is paid product with $6 subscription per month per device.Please see here some of its features:

  • One click App blocker on your kid’s device
  • Use internet filtering to block the internet for a specific category of traffic like adult content
  • One-click Internet blocker
  • Block any specific site for children
  • Time blocker to monitor timing for your device
  • Game blocker for your kid’s devices

Conclusion: Before I conclude the post let me tell you some basic question which may arise in your mind as parents:

  • What responsibility do we have as a parent?

We need to have a good relationship with our kid when it comes to online security and browsing. You need to create an environment where your children can talk to you freely about everything that include digital world. You need to proactive for your child safety and activities online.

  • Is the internet is always bad for kids?

No.Not at all, The internet gives us a lot of info including a virtual world where they learn quickly.But sometimes If their access is not controlled it may lead to the difficult situation.

  • What are major threats for kids online?

Cyberbullying, violence, racism, drugs, inappropriate content and lot many.

  • Does this mean I am spying on my kid?

No. It is your responsibility to keep your kid safe and secure. You just trying to keep him safe by controlling the Internet. You need to talk about it with your kid and have to convince him/her that it is for their own safety.

  • Is this tool must be for my kid?

You can’t be with your kid all the time especially when you are travelling, If you want to learn what to do when traveling you can read the article, ‘sober things to do miami‘. So you need to to monitor and control the digital world for them. This tool will make your life easier and gives you peace of mind.

I hope this post must have given you a basic idea about online security for your kids. Please do share your view using the comments section. I would like to end this post with this nice video from E-kavach:


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