14 ways to save Money on Groceries


Whether you are a individual or family person, Grocery always takes a major portion of your salary.Sometime it is as much as your monthly rent.Controlling grocery budget can affect your yearly saving.Carefully managing your grocery cost can save upto 25% monthly.I am going to discuss simple way to manage your food and grocery cost which can save minimum of 500-1000 INR from your monthly income.Find interesting, lets see it one by one.

  •  Plan Inventory – Buy and plan your grocery items in advance.You never want to return home after shopping and find that same stuff full of bag at home.Always keep a check of grocery store before shopping.Use some app like Indian Grocery Shopping List before shopping
  • Plan shopping based on sale – Try never to plan otherwise.Lookout for sale discount and Off on supercenter and nearby Kirana store.Superstore like Big bazaar,Reliance often have discounts on selected items.Find these items in newspaper or local store and then plan shopping based on that.It needs little bit of research from you.Here is one example.


  • Use your food efficiently– On an average people lost 20% of their food as waste, when not taking care for their expiry date.Always check stack of food in fridge which are expiring in near future.Remember to eat food before you have to throw it.
  • Shop less, save more — The less you go for shopping more is chances of saving.Try to create list of shopping and purchase in single shot to save money and fuel.
  • Look for substitutes – After every grocery purchase look for most expensive items and try to find alternative or substitute for it.For example instead of buying small bottles of refine oil, change it with some other brand of bigger packs.
  • Do your research – Make a list of 10 commonly items used in your house (like Milk,Soap,Washing powder,Shampoo, ketchup) and make a mission to find lesser price.Check your local superstore,Kirana store,wholesale store etc.
  • Talk to your friends – In your social groups or office, talk and try to find any deals of Off on grocery items.It can be a major source of information.
  • Don’t fall in trap of 10 for INR 1000 – Many time people buy more quantity for little less price.It like a 10 a piece and 10 for 950.it is actually more than you require and also hit on your pocket.Beware of such deals.
  • Concentrate on quantity rather than price – When you looking for sale or discount, look for price and quantity.Some they reduce the price and wight also.That does not always meant a good deal.
  • Look for coupons – Look for coupons and discounts at your local superstore,local newspaper like Reliance fresh,megamart,Big bazaar.
  • Be loyal to one store – Stick loyal to one store.Get their rewards card and start collecting points.
  • Shop alone – Always do monthly grocery shopping alone without spouse and kids.We usually spent more when with family/group.
  • Never buy chopped vegetables – Buying already chopped vegetables will be costly and won’t last long.Prefer slicing and dicing yourself in kitchen.
  • Use debit/card for superstore shopping – Instead of using cash, use your card for payment to track expenses even if you will lose receipt.receipt. Use tools like money manager(Icici bank) to keep track of expenses.

Remember Grocery play a major role for your monthly expenses.If you save at least 500 INR, it is like paid electricity bill.I will love to hear from you.Please do share your comments.


Here is another video to recap my post: