11 Quick Ways To Improve Your WordPress SEO

wpengineIf you are a WordPress blogger, you need to regularly work on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to improve your search ranking and stay ahead in competition. This Guide or Tutorial will help you to save time and server as a checklist to get a better search ranking for your niche.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as elucidated at Sirlinksalot, is used to improve your result from search engine like google, Bing, Yahoo etc and get quality natural or organic traffic. The better your SEO, more chances are that you will get more traffic to your WordPress blog.

According to an research, for all major blog; 40 percent of the traffic comes from search engine.

Caution – Please take a backup of your entire WordPress blog before implementing any of the steps below. I use Updraftplus to take backup of my WordPress blog. Please read the review here.

Use Search Friendly Post URL

Search engines loves URL which is easy to index and make some sense. Most of us are already aware about it; but if not, do it today.

See for example two URL:



So as you can see second URL makes more sense and Google or other search engine are likely to give it a better page ranking. Lets see how it is done in WordPress setting.

Go to settings–>permalinks and update setting as below:

Create search engine friendly url-min

Create Robots.txt

Robots.txt is a way to tell search engine about how they will crawl your blog. You can mention types of file which are allowed to crawl. You also mention sitemap for your blog here.

Here is a typical look of the Robots.txt.

Robots for WordPress-min

You can use WordPress plugin to generate Robots.txt or create it manually and upload to root folder of your WordPress blog (public_html folder).

Use Https

Search engine ranks you better if you have https enabled on your WordPress blog.Https mean SSL is enabled on your blog and all the data goes from client to server is encrypted and an intruder cannot see it.

You need to buy https separately along with hosting. Nowadays it is much cheaper. Have a look to Bigrock https price in India.

Https ssl price Bigrock India-min

Update – From October 2017, Google Chrome will show an alert message on browser if your blog is http. Sooner or later all blog has to be migrated on https. You can read this blog for more information.

Create sitemaps for your WordPress blog

This is very important to create your sitemap. You can either create it manually or use a plugin.

A sitemap is an index of all your pages, post and other part of the blog. This is a way to indicate Google and other search engine that your page is worth to be indexed and has quality.

Please note just because you create sitemap does not mean Google will index your page, it is just a clue for search engine.

I personally use All in SEO plugin to manage my sitemap. You can also use Google sitemap tool to create it.

Work on Your Blog’s Speed

Your blog’s speed determines your page ranking in search engine. It also gives a better user experience. This is not an one time things and you need to regularly work on your blog to make it better.

  • Reduce Number of plugins – Nowadays for everything we have a WordPress plugin. My suggestion is never over use it. Lok for something where more than one feature bundle in a single plugin. Every new plugin increases page load.
  • Select better Web hosting – A better web hosting surely bring up your blog’s speed.  Choose a reliable web hosting which has a better reputation. My personal recommendation use either Bigrock, Bluehost to Hostgator.
  • Use Cache plugin – You  can use various cache plugin to speed up delivery of your pages. They store static content of your site on browser make it load quicker next time. You can also use CDN(like MAXCDN) to quickly deliver your blog throughout the world.
  • Use paid themes – always stick to the paid theme to make sure your blog is secure and loads quickly. Free theme are buggy and sluggish and eat up resources. They always loads slowly.

Get rid of broken links

Google hates broken links. More broken links can decrease your page ranking. As your blogs grows, there are more chances of broken link. You should work on it on daily or weekly basic. You can either do it manually or install some plugin to do it.

Broken link checker

Create mobile friendly pages

Make sure your blog pages are mobile friendly. Google and other search engine ranks you better if you pages are responsive and open well in mobile devices. Either create AMP (Accelerated mobile Pages) or choose a paid theme like Studiopress or Thrive theme which is inbuilt responsive or mobile friendly.

Go for paid WordPress Themes

If you are serious blogger, get rid of free theme and as soon as possible switch to paid themes to get reliable, secure, faster, attractive, and customize blog.

Read this post to understand why you should switch to paid theme?

Structure your Blog

It is always a good idea to structure your blog and search engine likes it. Create a static home page like http://yourblog.com and then create your blog page in subdomain like http://yourblog.com/blog

Manage your blog’s comments

Comments are very important part of your blog. Helpful comment can increase SEO and page ranking of your blog. But most of time comments invite unwanted spam. So make sure your moderate comments on your blog and remove any spam messages.

Akismet is an excellent plugin to block spam comments. I also use Disqus plugin to manage my comments instead of built in WordPress comments.

If you believe you need some professional help with digital marketing, contact SEO Perth. You will see the results and stand out in the competitive market.

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