10 Things you must do after a Road Accident

road-accidents-penalties-india_26How quickly you react in case of an accident will determine whether you can save a life or not in case of emergency.Accident can happens to anyone anywhere. But do we know what to do in case of emergency? If you are not sure how to act, check out www.itsaboutjustice.law/personal-injury-attorney/ for some tips. Indian roads are different than another country so we need to know basis rule of do’s and don’ts.In this post I tried to explain 10 things you must do in case of accident.There are two scenario in accident.Either you are involved or hurt in accident or you are safe but accident happens near to you.These things applicable in both cases:

  • Stop – The most important thing you must do.Whether you are a survivor,witness or victim you must stop.This is the most common thing in India.People see the road show and do nothing.Most of the people die in accident because of this behavior from other passerby. At accident even one minutes proves to be very costly.So next time you involved in any accident whether its highway or local roads, stop your vehicle and do whatever you can to help the victims, before you call up an accident injury from a place like rmfwlaw. If you hit somebody and you are safe, you still have to stop.Running from a crime scene may land you criminal case.
  • Call the police – Yes do not wait for victim to make the call to police. If it is an serious accident and somebody is hurt, you must make a call to police their Legal Advisors and the ambulance. If you are going on a highway, note the emergency highway number.
  • Get all contact and pictures from spot – Get all contacts from nearby people and vehicle.If possible take some pictures which can be used as evidence for police and insurance company.Try to get information from other driver also.
  • Do not post anything on social media -Remember not to post any sensitive information on social media like Facebook,twitter.Insurance company may use these info for settlement case say the local personal injury lawyers.
  • Keep all records related to your accident – It is number 1 in the personal injury attorney guide here: you must keep all documents related to your accident registered. It may be insurance related,medical care or police related like FIR etc.
  • Notify your insurance company – Immediately inform your vehicle and health insurance company about the accident.Sooner they will start investigate, sooner you will get claims.
  • Do not lose cool – It may be a serious or small accident.In any case do not loose temper.Be polite and ask other driver if they are hurt.Shouting,fighting or blaming other will not server any purpose.You need to be calm and keep it together to tackle the situation.Also do not accept all blame on your head.
  • Remove important belongings from your vehicle – If a car or two wheeler is badly damaged and needs to be towed, do not forget to take out important things like electronic gadgets,purse,documents etc from the car.
  • This is not the end of life – Take a deep breath and relax.Accident do happens sometime.We need to fight with this and get on with normal life.
  • Never forget to say Thanks – Remember the people who helped you at the time to accident.Always Thanks for their help, as it matters.If possible once you get well invite them for a dinner.

So as I mention If an accident happened to you, your family or friends, help them as much as possible and try to get them back to normal life.And as an individual tackle or handle the situation with calm mind.Accident can happens because of somebody else mistake but what we need to make sure is, It should never happens because of our mistake.Lets keep the road safe as there is somebody waiting for you at home.Hope you like the post, please do share your experience with road accident if any.

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Here is one best video I found on YouTube, encourage people to wear seat belt:

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