10 Quick Tips About Earning Money from Fiverr

A Blogger or Website owner can not do everything by themselves. They need to outsource a lot of services. In this post, I am going to explain and review how you can use Fiverr to earn and outsource work.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a marketplace for buyers and sellers for all type of digital products. Presently it is the biggest place for all freelancer to work. Some of the services available are SEO,content writing, logo design, video intro, Infographics and much more.

The things which make its interesting is the price; start from $5. When I first used its service to create a logo, I did not believe the price. I am very happy with the services I received and decided to share it with the community in case people are not aware of it.

Brief history about Fiverr:

Fiverr was founded by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman in 2009. At Fiverr,  a service is called as Gigs and approximately 3 million Gigs are currently provided in this global marketplace. A seller can add a Gig on top of an existing Gigs and provides more services.


How Fiverr Works?

As I said Fiverr is a place where sellers offer their services and buyers purchase it. Most of the services start at $5 and a seller may increase as they add more services.

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How to Sign up?

Signup to Fiverr is easy and free. Also, you must verify your email before start purchasing or sell.

For buyers – 

Once you login to Fiverr, go to the search option or category and find the services you are looking for. Once you find a gig, read the description and watch sample work from sellers.

you can also message to sellers and get more info before ordering.

Once you finalize the sellers, check out the order. You need to pay before seller starts working on your project.

There is a processing charge of $1 for a total order under $20. For anything above $20, it will cost you extra 5% processing fee.

For example:

You gig order total of $5; $1 processing fee. Total you pay $6

You gig order total of $60; $3 processing fee. Total you pay $63

There are several ways to pay for the service; Paypal, Credit card, Debit card, Bitcoin, Worldpay and Fiverr credit (use the payment you earned while selling gigs). According to Bitcoin Rush Review by Samuel White it is quite possible to make profit from trading cryptocurrencies regardless of the prevailing market conditions. So no wonder it becomes a widely used way of payment.


For sellers – 

As I mentioned earlier, buyers always pay in advance before work start. For every completed gig sellers receive 80% of the payment.

So suppose a logo creation cost $5, a seller will receive $4 for the work and $1 will go to Fiverr. Fiverr also has an option to give a tip to the seller to let them earn more.

Once the money received in your account, you can withdraw it after 14 days. This delay is to protect buyers from fraud or cancellation of orders.

You can withdraw fund using Paypal, Fiverr revenue card, Bank transfer or Direct deposit (only for US).


Tips for buyers:

  • Check the services offered by sellers and fits your requirement
  • Check out sample work done earlier
  • Submit Gig request if it does not exist in Fiverr marketplace
  • Discuss with sellers if you are not sure about the gigs
  • Read the review and leave a review once you received the services
  • Use favorite to like your sellers and find them easily


Tips for sellers:

  • If you are a new seller, looks at other popular gigs and learn how to create a good one
  • Start with your friends and community, ask them to order and start building reputation
  • All top sellers have better review and rating, do not forget to ask buyers to leave a review in case they missed
  • Promote your Fiverr account through your website or blog
  • If you are working alone use limit order queue to stop appearing in search result
  • Be honest to the buyers and complete order on time
  • Do not abuse or use filthy language
  • Use watermark to protect your work
  • Make sure your display your previous work in your profile
  • Fiverr is known for $5, so start offering your gigs at $5 and start adding more prices for quick delivery, high-resolution work or more reviews.
  • In the beginning, build reputation and offer free stuff

My Personal Experience with Fiverr – 

I recently used Fiverr as a buyer and I had a great experience. Signing up was easy and fast. Within minutes I found a lot of sellers who can help me to create a logo for me.

Within 15-20 minutes I found a top seller who can complete this gig for me in $5. I have read the reviews and sample work before I finalized the deal.

The sellers offer starts at $5 and with little extra you can add more services like more reviews, high-resolution original image, and quicker delivery time. I paid $1 extra for processing charge.


I like the service and it was delivered to me in 24 hours. I requested for some modification and then in the second review I got what I am looking for.

The whole process was very smooth and the sellers were nice and there was no problem with the communication. I really like the service and have received exactly what I was looking for.


Fiverr is an amazing place for both Buyers and sellers. You can get services at cheaper prices and at the same time earn money by selling stuffs. For both of them, it is a big and global marketplace.

I find trusted sellers on Fiverr and honest reviews. I will highly recommend you to buy services from here if you are a blogger or website owners.


Remember you can not do everything yourself.  You need to outsource some works and save time and get quality output.

If you are looking services like logo design, custom banner or other services related to your blog or website; sign up on Fiverr today.

  • Fiverr is a good place to get things done. But it’s changed so much. Very few good services at 5 dollars and too many extras being added. In many cases if you want to use for commercial use you have to pay lots of extras. There are many good gigs there still. You have to dig out from the numerous that Fiverr promotes furiously.

    • You are correct Shalu mam. But as a newbie blogger, you can order a logo, video intro for youtube, infographic etc at just $5 which makes it very attractive. I found $5 easy, reliable and quick. As you add more gigs or services, you need to pay little extra but still it is a competitive price with so many sellers.

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