10 Outrageous Ideas To Save Time While Creating your Post

Saving time for your post is very important part of blogging. The time which you will save out of blogging can be utilized in other work like blog commenting, promoting the post, updating past post etc.

10 Outrageous Ideas To Save Time While Creating your Post header


In this post, I am going to discuss how to speed up the process of creating a new post.

Get notes – 

Before starting writing your post in WordPress, create complete notes. It contains your bullet points and sub-points. This will speed up your writing and you know what to write about.

You never have to go back to Google or somewhere again to research your topic.

Blogging notes

I normally use Evernote, you may use sticky notes or Microsoft Word as per your convenience.


Create all pictures in advance

Before writing a post in WordPress, create pictures in advance. You do not want to switch back to picture editing tool while you writing the post.

I also suggest compressing your images. Here is a good post about How to Create images for your post.

Use proofreading tool-

You do not need waste more time on checking grammar and spelling error. Use tool like Grammarly to auto check Grammar error while writing your post.

Here is a link to try Grammarly – an amazing and must Grammar checking tool for WordPress

Use keyword research in advance – 

A Keyword is another work which should happen at the time when you decide headline of your post. Research and find all your keyword and hashtag before editing. So once you are done with the writing, you can publish and share it immediately with everyone.

The whole idea is once you are done with writing, you can share it instantly on social media. That is the place where a blogger gets maximum traffic.

How to save time while creating your post

Use keyboard shortcut-

Using keyboard is a good choice while creating your WordPress post. I suggest following below keywords shortcut. These shortcuts can be used to change the font, remove the link, add images, or distraction free writing and other WordPress functions.

WordPress Keyboard Shortcut

Use WordPress plugins – 

There are few functions like compress image, regenerate thumbnail, Auto post thumbnail and others that can be automated using WordPress plugin.

Regenerate thumbnail plugin can be used to regenerate thumbnail of your uploaded image. This can be very handy if you change your themes.

Auto post thumbnail is used to create the thumbnail for your post. It can be the first image  or if it does not fit, it will move to next image.

Use WordPress app-

It is not possible to edit your post on your personal PC all the time. You can have iPhone or Android apps on your mobile and update post on the go.

You can also use it to update the post later if you find any error or update. It is very handy.

Automatic schedule of post on social media  –

Once your post is ready, you need to post it on social media. It is a big task to post it manually on different social media.

Now we have so many tools like Buffer, HootSuite and Coschedule to schedule and post your content.

Here is a review of Coschedule: Coschedule Is So Famous? But Why?

Use these tool just right after you publish your post to speed up sharing it with friends and other bloggers on social media.


Saving time while creating post will do a lot of good for you. You can publish and share more content quickly. It will drive more loyal readers and give your more time for other stuff like blog commenting, Guest post, forum post, and other activities.

Hope you like my ideas. I would love to hear from you how you save time while creating your post.

This Article is proofread using: Grammarly

  • Hi Ravi,

    Some very useful tips here. It takes me some real substantial time to complete a post. I have been improving my timing though and using most of these from the list. Creating the images first can surely save some time. And also we have a clear idea of what we want to write around the image. Thanks for the share.

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